Who's Behind The Camera - Jacqui Mays

I’m not going to bore you with a long story of how/why I got into photography, or how I overcame my absolute fear of Photoshop. Instead, since this page is about me, here are some “10 facts about me” that I plucked off the internet :) ​

1) How tall are you – 5ft1”

2) 3 things that make you happy – seeing others happy, cosy winter nights in the house, early morning walks in the park

3) 3 things that make you sad – the way we have all become so sceptical about things and people these days, cruelty to animals & children, when the ones I love are upset and I can’t fix it

4) Do you miss anyone right now – my mum, now and forever

5) Favourite book – Beauty, by Sheri S Tepper. A great read if you love your fairy tales with a bit of a dark or modern twist!

6) Favourite jewellery – pretty much anything by Alchemy Gothic

7) Tattoos you want – Stripe from the first Gremlins movie, with my daughter’s name under it. If you come to see me I’ll happily tell you why!

8) Last thing you ate – chicken with noodles

9) Hobbies – making crochet blankets, and playing The Sims 4

10) Favourite type of place – somewhere peaceful where I can just appreciate the moment